Grace Howl Contemporary Art

Utilizing the power of art to communicate, Grace Howl sources her inspiration from within to create contemporary abstract art work unlike anything you’ve seen.

Grace Howl’s abstract art "is the start of a conversation"...

When it comes to the artist process, for Grace, it’s really a process of discovery of herself. Grace uncovers what she’s painting through the act of painting. “I must let go of fear and inhibition and trust my intuition and imagination to create paintings that are not representative of things we see in our everyday world. It is pure, simple and freeing. For me, abstract art is the most genuine form of ‘expression’ in art.

My Studio & Gallery

Located in the heart of the Rosemary District in Downtown Sarasota, I wanted to create a hip urban vibe here in Sarasota. Something different, because my art is different. It is a little more edgy (that’s a good thing) than other galleries in town. Hosting art openings, poetry & piano and art salon events as well as open studio are all part of the fun!

My Art Studio and Gallery are side-by-side. It’s extremely practical, like having your kitchen right next to the dining room. Inspiration is unpredictable and when the lightning strikes, I like to dive in and create. When you visit I may just be in the middle of a new creation.

About Grace

No Fear, No Rules.

Grace Howl loves being an active member of the community. She is a member of Sarasota Visual Artist Studios, Center for Architecture, Sarasota Architectural Foundation, Women’s Contemporary Artists, local Allied Member of AIA and other organizations.

“After a long, high-level corporate career, I had an experience that changed my life. I awoke a different person, verbalization was difficult, I didn’t recognize my face in the mirror; however, I saw colors and images and visualized the world in a completely new way.”

Grace intuitively turned to art to transform herself. She began using paint as her new language. Abstraction has replaced the corporate concrete, color has replaced words. Art has allowed her to convey her emotions, her interpretation of life, her interactions with people and her storytelling.

Full Bio
"The spontaneous and rapid gestural strokes of Grace Howl’s paintings use architectural rigor and geometric and biomorphic tropes. Howl’s art displays inexhaustible emotional energy contained by the dimensions of the canvas. She locks in this energy by contrasting volatile line and dramatic figure/ground relationships – thus disguising these narrative visual metaphors as random expressive markings."
Art historian and critic, Kevin Costello

Current Work

Grace thinks of her paintings as ‘Eye Candy’ for the imagination! I welcome visitors and want viewers that look at my art to appreciate the interconnectedness of life and creativity in an immersive and intriguing experience, stirring imaginations and evoking an emotional response.

View some of Grace’s recent work below or stop by her studio/gallery today to see these incredible pieces in person. A favorite quote of Grace is that of Anais Nin: ‘We don’t see things as they are… we see things as we are.’

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